Red Wine & Steak – The Truly Healthy Meal

March 11, 2013

If, like me, you are partial to the odd steak dinner with a glass of rich red wine to accompany it then you could be doing yourself more good than harm.

That is correct – more GOOD than harm, rather than the other way round as the health campaigners would have you believe.

First the wine, experts at the Harvard Medical School have published ‘conclusive evidence’ that red wine can help protect against a host of chonic killer diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabestes, cancer and Alzheimers.

Next up the steak. Well according to an article in the Guardian scientists have discovered that the fat in steak is actually healthy for the heart. The claim is based on a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that showed eating lean beef improved cholesterol levels and therefore reduced the risk of heart disease.

So Hurrah! Who needs more incentive to become a healthier person that the chance to enjoy a good dinner once a week.

Health really can be achieved your way!



Problems with plantar fasciitus?

November 25, 2010

Chances are that you may have read the title and still be none the wiser…

Well, plantar fasciitus is that deep pain you get into the sole of your foot, which is made worse for walking and often can be worse in the morning.

It is caused by an inflammation of a sheet of connective tissue which helps support the arch of your foot. Make no mistake it is really painful, and can cause severe problems for sufferers.

Strain and stress to this band of fibrous tissue can be caused by sudden changes in weight bearing motions during sports activities, a weak flat foot, abnormal pronated conformation, wearing shoes with little or no arch support, extended hours of standing on a hard floors and, sadly for most of us, carrying alittle too much weight.

If you think you are suffering from it you need to get your doc to check it out first. pain in the foot can be a precursor to many things (which I won’t list for fear of scaring you).

Once you are sure that it is an inflammatory problem, then try using a tennis ball rolled under the foot to help gently massage the affected area. Stretch out the bottom of the foot over a step, or telephone directory (actually the only good use for the Yellow Pages in my opinion) and take it a bit easier… see sometimes my advice ticks all the boxes.

Stay healthy, but do it your way


At least I post regularly…. well every 3 months or so.

November 15, 2010


I’m really sorry for the haphazard approach to posting on this blog. it was my intention in setting it up to try to get a story out every week.

Believe it or not, I failed because I have been writing for a whole bunch of other people on a weekly basis and have not had chance to get on with my own stuff.

Anyway, enough of this.

What about the furore over the cuts in NHS budgets and decline in care offered… oh, yeah that’s right there hasn’t been one has there.

The basic service offering for most hospitals has been protected, so they say. But today I learnet that a friend of mine with a serious back condition cannot get an MRI scan because ‘ there’s no budget left this year’ and even if there was he wouldn’t be able to get an operation if needed until April when the new funding year starts.

How does that work?

If there is a clear clinical need, a requirement to get someone who can’t walk let alone work back on his feet and the kit there to do it – why isn’t it happening?

Mark my words, the managers of teh PCT’s will be squirrelling their cash away, looking after their salaries and those of their flunkies – and to hell with the nurses and patients.

Don’t let them get away with it… make lots of noise NOW!



Long Time Away…..

July 26, 2010

My sincere apologies for the break in transmissions.

It really came about due to errors of a technical and a personal nature. Let me explain.

My aged PC was wheezing its last and I know that I should really have created a back up for my files, logins and passwords……… but I hadn’t. Guess what, it happened.


My electronic life in tatters. It has taken me an awful lot of charging around to get back on air – at last!

In my time away we have seen several interesting developments in my bipolar world of healthcare & football.

In the case of the latter we witnessed the scenes of several football games interrupting some highly entertaining vuvuzela concerts in South Africa. The whole event came to life when France went on strike, England forgot to play, and the youth of Germany exploded at the hands of the Spanish.

The final was all about the plucky English ref, and the nasty foreign cheats….. or so the Daily mail would have it. In fact, I enjoyed the whole thing – apart from the lack of English spine.

Oh, and the final cheeky monkey moment of the Spanish players putting a Barcelona shirt on Fabregas…. I don’t think so amigo’s!

On the health front we have seen a new government take power, and of course the NHS comes in for scrutiny. And what has the BMA done to help……. yes that’s it, promise to cut homeopathy, thereby saving £4m per year. Surely they missed the £1.2b that they spent on worthless flu drugs last year.

I think they would have been better controlling that rather than a few bottles of water.

I’m not condoning homeopathy, mostly as I know very little about it, but I do object to the good men and women of the BMA who deem that everything out of their direct control is wrong and dangerous. There are many good, safe and effective treatments available from regulated professionals such as acupuncturists, chiropractors and osteopaths. We are not snake oil salesmen.

Let the public have a choice. If it works for them, so be it.

Be healthy.


It Didn’t Last Then

February 1, 2010

OK, so we (as in Arsenal) got taken apart yesterday by a Man Utd side who looked like they meant business.

The tip of Fergies nose glowed like a red beacon in the dugout as he basked in a job well done….. and we slunk home having seen our boys humbled by the second of our greatest foes (following the mauling by Chelsea previously).

Still, the mark of the die hard fan is to rise up against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and face the world. Must say though that any patient who even mentions that they are a fan of Man U are getting the more advanced treatment techniqes applied to their aliments today!

Stay healthy your way, but out of my way today!



Top Of The League…… In January!

January 21, 2010

I couldn’t let it pass without comment, but it seems that the team who were written off as no hopers after suffering a defeat to Chelsea in November which left them 11 points off of the league, are now league leaders.

OK, a bold statement which is subject to a deal of criticism – and justifiably so.

1) In order to achieve our lofty perch we have beaten Bolton twice (and they are currently the Premier League equivalent of whipping boys) without looking as though we really had any potency.

2) Chelsea have a game in hand over us.

3) Our next four home games are against Villa, Fergies Flappers, Chlesea and Rafas Bane – so we are going to be tested slightly more than we have been against Sunderland, Everton and Bolton X2 (with respect to a very good Everton side that is).

4) It is Arsenal we are looking at here – and I’ve been here so many times in the last 5 years as far as the title goes.

All that said, I’m loving the league right at the moment, and the sight of Fergie getting a slap from Tevez on Tuesday and moon faced Alladyce having to stand up and sit down more often than a toddler at a party game in the League Cup has just added to the delight.

Bring on May!

Chin Chin



The Curse of the New Years Resolution

January 7, 2010

The phone started to ring on Monday morning this week with the first of the victims of a common New Years resolution – “I WILL get fitter”.

“Hello, is that the osteopath?”
“Yes, how can I help?”
“Well, its probably just a pulled muscle, but can I come in and see you because I’ve been at the gym all weekend and now my back/leg/shoulder/knee/ankle/neck… (etc) has begun to ache”

Familiar to anyone out there?

Basically, the combination of media inspired guilt, over indulgence at Christmas and New Year blues tends to cause a panicked rush to the nearest gym, and a feverish assault upon every machine and workout session available.

Let’s draw a comparison for you, imagine that you are currently driving a nice old Ford Sierra, you know a real good car of its day, one which does a fine job of getting you, the kids and assorted luggage from where you are to where you want to be without too much hassle. Sure, the sills are getting a bit rusty, and occasionally its a real bugger to start, especially on a cold day but it does a job, with a little TLC. Now imagine that you have just entered it into this years F1 competition, with big demands being made on every component to operate at 100% efficiency all the time. Where the margins of error are zero and any failure is catastrophic.

I know you can see where I’m going with this. You’re not that dumb.

So why do the same to your body? It (and indeed you) have been working on a typical daily routine of;

– Get up, feel a little creaky & stiff but a hot shower soon sorts you out
– Sit for 1/2 hour over breakfast and the paper
– Sit in the car and drive an hour to work
– Sit at your desk for 4 hours with occasional trips to the coffee machine
– Sit over lunch for an hour
– Sit at your desk or in a meeting room for four hours
– Sit in the car for the hour and a half drive home in traffic
– Sit on the settee for a well earned beer/glass of wine and your dinner

And you decide to change this overnight to;

– Get up, half hour stretches and sit ups in the bathroom
– Half hour jog and sprint mixes across park
– Day at work as before, although now have regular trips to water fountain and very light lunch with fruit and salad
– Drive to gym
– Hour work out with free weights
– Half hour spin class
– 5,000 Km on running machine
– Protein shake and fruit dinner in health spa bar
– Shower & home

Wonder why you only last for two days before something goes ‘pop’?

I applaud anyones efforts to look after themselves, but please let yourself into it gently. Start with a walk to the shops to get the paper and maybe a gentle after work swim and then over the course of two weeks build up to getting into the gym. Work with a qualified trainer (all gyms have them) to design a program specifically for you, and get them to check this after a week and then every two weeks to keep it relevant. Above all, if it starts to hurt then stop. Don’t ever think that you can run off an injury, all that will happen is that it will get worse, then become a barrier to your fitness.

Enjoy the energy of your commitment to fitness, but make you activity relevant to you. Get healthy your way, stay healthy your way.